Sundae Bloody Sundae

Sundae bloody sundae illustration

The Sundae Bloody Sundae illustration, inspirated in “Sunday bloody sunday” U2 music, in addition is the funny way that a vampire sees a nice bowl of a bloody ice cream.

This illustration can be a great exclusive idea for present an U2 fan. Creative gifts with this art printed are available at my Redbubble Gallery. There more than 60 products, including t-shirts, mugs, and coasters. Click the banner below to visit.

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The Chocoband:

The chocoband is a fictional group of charaters that loves design, music, art and fun. They help me to create designs, and together they are Jimmy Pepper & The Lonely Chocolates band.

My passion for music and design make me create the funny CHOCOBAND as a way of put my creative ideas all together. The designs are inspired in songs. I love to create a t-shirt design or an illustration hearing my favorites songs. In other words: when i am drawing, i feel the music feeling. It’s almost a meditation while the music loops into my ears and my mind.

History of The Chocoband:

They came from another dimension, when your interplanetary ship crashes on the roof of an exotic chocolate factory. Because of the dense atmosphere, the Crew members had to use chocolate to shape their dimensional fluid to maintain their vital essence. Jimmy, the most rebel, tried to find something denser to materialize. As a result It ended up becoming a pepper after falling into a cauldron full of peppers that was used for a special chocolate recipe. The other four crew members fell into a giant container filled with chocolate and thus were left with shapes of chocolate bars.

  • Jimmy Pepper (a rebel pepper biker/aviation lover – vocal / guitar);
  • Loreta Jones (the romantic arts lover – vocal / percusion);
  • Ted Marino (the athletic soccer lover – drum);
  • Scott Bravo (the crazy extreme sports lover – bass); and
  • Mike Mancini (the geek and technology lover – roadie).

Their closest friends are Jack Spencer (an “digital Influencer”) and his girlfriend Mary Bane (a blogger that loves cats)

The Chocoband is a funny fictional group of characters that i use to create funny illustrations based on my favorites musics and artists. My illustrations are on sale at Redbubble Jimmy Pepper Gallery.

Similarly Loretta has a shop in ETSY that she sells printables templates.

See the home page of The Chocoband (Music and Design).

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